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29 12, 2022

Michael Johns: DAVOS-NEW WORLD ORDER- Hear what it’s all about and hear the warning from Michael Johns

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The World Economic Forum has big plans for the entire world, but do those plans fit into America's plans? The Covid pandemic as a means to enter into a New World Order and the ESG is discussed here with Michael Johns. Johns was one of the Tea Party founders and has worked in the political arena domestically and internationally. Listen to his warning about the Great Reset.

27 12, 2022

“Time for Unity”

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By Lou Bozada on Dec 27, 2022. I personally feel that the time for unity is beyond long overdue. We the people should never have allowed ourselves to be led astray by our elected servants. They are there to serve us, not the other way around. Have we become complacent? Lazy? Detached? Or all of those?

26 12, 2022

Change Is Local Part 1

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By Mike Engleman on Dec 26, 2022. Just like you, and millions of Conservative Americans, I have been watching this country be destroyed from within by politicians from both political parties for years! And now, they have attacked and sabotaged our electoral processes in my opinion. I then came to the realization and understanding a few years ago, that sitting back, armchair quarterbacking, and complaining was not going to repair the damage being done. So, I took advice from people who had a lot more political background and grassroots organization skills, who challenged me to get engaged, involved, get some skin in the game, and start making my voice heard. Strategically speaking, it was the best advice I could have taken to effectively make a difference.

22 12, 2022


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By Booker Scott on Dec 22, 2022. Over the last few months there have been several prominent figures change allegiance to their political party or at least their perceived ideology. Repeatedly, I hear many on the conservative side say, 'I don't trust (insert name here).' First there was Tulsi Gabbard announcing she would be leaving the Democratic Party.  There were some that went so far as to pontificate that Gabbard would be Donald Trump's running mate should he declare a run for the '24 presidential election. The chorus of naysayers would proclaim Tulsi isn't to be trusted and if Trump chose her, they would not support Donald Trump.  I never heard Tulsi Gabbard ask anyone to trust her, she simply left the party she wanted to lead as its presidential candidate, only 18 months ago.

21 12, 2022

State of the Republic

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By Mike Engleman on Dec 21, 2022. In 2020, during a presidential campaign and a “pandemic”, Democrats endorsed, justified and even sponsored Antifa/BLM domestic terrorist thug riots as they were burning down cities across America.  This resulted in billions of dollars in damage and a total loss of business properties.  Many people were murdered, including law enforcement.  The ridiculous “summer of love” was called justice by Democrats as they were cheering it on with the media.  VP candidate Kamala Harris was supporting bail for rioters as most had their court cases dropped, with zero charges.


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