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27 02, 2023
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A Chasm So Deep It Can Swallow America Whole

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Recently General Mike Flynn delivered a speech worthy of a conversation and a deeper dive. Of course, General Flynn has become a renowned political figure in America, having served both Democrat and Republican presidents at the highest level of military intelligence. He is a public figure that constantly gets attention, both good and bad. If you're normal, these last few years must make you feel like we're living in an upside down world. From Covid, the 2020 election, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Ukraine Russia war to government censorship, Chinese spy balloon and hazardous train derailments, there is so much to make us feel this way but what are we really sensing? Feeling? and experiencing? In General Flynn's speech he suggests we are already in a war and we do live in perilous times. Is this where we are in American history? This is a quote directly from that speech " We currently stand on the precipice, high above a chasm so deep that it can swallow America whole." On this episode we try to unwrap some of this General Flynn speech and more with Monica Matthews. Monica is a minister, author, grammy nominated singer, social media influencer and an inspiration. We do our best to bring hope for our future and make some sense of the upside down world on Our Lives & Politics.

20 02, 2023

New Faces – Same Results? Cory Mills on the 118th Congress

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When the dust settled after 16 votes for a new Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives, the new 118th Congress was sworn in and new legislation was promised from the conservative majority. One of those sworn in for the first time was Cory Mills from Congressional District 7 in Florida. In the aftermath of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan Cory Mills was one of those leading the way to return abandoned Americans back home. He was twice injured in combat, once in Iraq and again in Afghanistan. After his time in the service he became a successful business man and as an America First candidate and constitutionalist he flipped CD-7 from Democrat to Republican. On this episode Cory Mills describes his hopes for the 118th Congress, his newly introduced bill on the sexualization of children, Chinese balloons and stock buying for members of the U.S. Congress. Cory Mills is a great American story of overcoming adversity and creating success. You'll hear his passion and dedication to America on this episode of Our Lives & Politics.

13 02, 2023

Do Today’s American Men Have What It Takes?

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“The history of America is about courageous men. Whether they are the founding fathers or members of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ who sacrificed so much during World War II to preserve freedom and democracy, they built the country. Present-day America is the richest and most successful country in the history of the world. Collectively, and individually, the men who built the country represent the benevolent American. Together, they put personal differences aside to find commonality in the pursuit of the greater good. Virtue, heroism, service, and the ultimate sacrifice was expected when it was demanded. “ From the August 2022 issue of Men & Culture magazine and the article written by Sigurd Neubauer. It begs the question, do today's American men have what it takes to keep America the greatest country in the world. Is it still the home of the brave? On this episode of Our Lives & Politics we have an open discussion about the social, health and the overall readiness of the next generation of American men. Cort Kirkwood is the author of 'Real Men' and he joins the conversation. Cort has been an editor for the Washington Times and continues to write today on the tough political issues facing our country. Cort has been in and around politics for 40 years and he brings that experience and adds his unique perspective and opinion for our future to this conversation.

7 02, 2023

Government: Where should change truly begin?

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Would it surprise you to find out that in recent Gallup polls, seven of the last 10 years to be exact, Americans expressed that government was their biggest concern? It has topped the list seven years and when it did not hold the top spot it was running in the second or third position. To me that is no surprise at all. But what is surprising is that year after year people express their unhappiness with government.  So why are they not working towards a better solution to the failed government they have? I cannot answer that with certainty, I can only speculate.

6 02, 2023

Unequal Justice Under the Law: Joseph McBride Attorney for Richard “BIGO” Barnett

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Joseph McBride is the attorney for Richard 'Bigo' Barnett, the man famously photographed sitting at Nancy Pelosi's desk on Jan 6. In light of the recent trial and conviction, McBride discusses the unequal justice system in America today and the reasons for it. McBride also lays out a plan to change things and even shares some ideas that require your involvement. It doesn't take much these days to see there are laws for me, but not for thee. Elites and politicians almost laugh at us as they fly around in private jets to save the world from environmental catastrophe. During the height of Covid, we saw Governors routinely break their own laws and rules. January 6, 2021 when a peaceful protest turned ugly in Washington D.C. the Democrats were calling it an insurrection within a couple of hours, almost in a coordinated fashion. They repeated it and repeated it until half the country believed it. Since that day about 1,000 Americans have been arrested and charged with crimes, from trespassing to sedition. Very few attorneys were willing to take on the challenge of a potentially rigged Washington D.C. Federal court. On this episode of Our Lives & Politics we have a conversation with one of the lawyers willing to walk into the fire. Joe McBride a New York attorney, has been defending the rights of the so called insurrectionists'.


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