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27 09, 2023

#18 – “The Line” Our Future?

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Many chain stores throughout our country are experiencing record losses due to "Smash & Grab" theft. For many stores like Target the combined losses are in the billions. "We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our teams and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance," a Target spokesperson said in a statement. Target also announced the closing of 9 stores. One in Harlem, New York, two in Seattle , Washington, three near San Francisco and Oakland, California.; and three in Portland, Oregon. Remember the "Sanctuary Cities?" Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Denver, and Philadelphia? How they slobbered all over themselves telling us they would except all illegals? Now they are screaming they cannot handle them! New York Mayor, Eric Adams tells us his city spends $383 per night on illegals for essentials. With roughly 58,000 illegals in New York's care, it amounts to $9.8 million daily, $300 million monthly, and nearly $3.6 billion yearly! Seriously what did they expect? Last but not least we discuss "The Line." This development will be a futuristic city built in Saudi Arabia's north-western Tabuk Province. It will be about 106 miles long, 650 feet wide, and 1640 feet tall. That will house 9 million people. It is described as a post-carbon eco-city. The cost could be $725 billion to $1 trillion. Join us and listen in!

27 09, 2023

Garden Kick Start

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Amber is a Georgia native, she is a longtime resident of Atlanta, a mother of two vibrant children and married to her husband of 20 years. Amber is also involved in helping to beautify Atlanta communities through her hands-on volunteer services as a Georgia Master Gardener for over 15 years; She has a passion for the musical arts as well. Amber has been a member of the Georgia Symphony Orchestra and Chorus for over 13 years as a vocalist and Board Member.

24 09, 2023

U.S. Government Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up

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If our government was wearing a life alert, now would be a good time to push the button for help. Are any of the three branches of the federal government working at all for the people?  And, yes that’s rhetorical, you know the answer. While the federal government continues to get larger, the problems created by the bureaucracy, lifetime politicians, and radical judges whittle away our individual freedom and liberty. A current example of the failed institutions within our government is on full display this week as the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans grapple with a government shutdown, again.  Every year, the federal budget should be passed by the end of September. It never happens.  Instead, massive omnibus spending bills are forced on the American people with large deficit spending adding trillions to the $33 trillion national debt. As the deadline looms for a solution the Republicans look to a Continuing Resolution to continue the Nancy Pelosi spending from the last Congress. Against the deadline, Kevin McCarthy decided to only have a three-and-a-half-day work week for Congress after just coming off a 4-week break. During those three and a half days there were some interesting hearings to attempt to reveal some truth and hold Attorney General Merrick Garland accountable.  On this episode of Our Lives & Politics we break down some of the Republican’s infighting and hear the testimony of Merrick Garland.

22 09, 2023

#17 – Artificial Intelligence: The Future

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In this episode, we discuss how technology listens to our everyday lives and how it affects us daily. X (formerly Twitter) is transforming right before our eyes. The missing F-35, what was the cause of the crash, and did it continue to fly after the pilot ejection? Can it be hacked? Should John Fetterman dress appropriately? Should hoodies and gym shorts be acceptable while in congress or any elected office? Join us and enjoy!

21 09, 2023

#16 – The Mass Invasion

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Join us as we discuss the recent mass invasion down in Eagle Pass, Texas. We also talk about illegals getting driver's licenses in some states and automatically being registered to vote. Join us as we share our thoughts on several other important topics. We are just two regular guys who are tired and fed up with all the woke nonsense.

18 09, 2023

The Precinct Strategy 101

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You may be left scratching your head when you spend a few minutes watching or listening to political news. I’m constantly left perplexed at the politicians we continue to elect over and over. We say we’ll just vote for them, but we are always left with the same choices when that time comes. The result is the same government. High crime, high spending, transgender movement, pronouns, school library books…the list is limitless. What can I do about it? That’s probably a question you find yourself asking. Who can blame you? Most people are overwhelmed. Where to start? What to do? The Republican National Committee doesn’t want you to know the honest truth. About 400,000 precinct committee positions are available across the country and the U.S. territories. Right now, there are only 200,000 positions filled. There is a huge opportunity to affect the 2024 election cycle. Every race, from national to local schools and judges, can be changed with very little work. In this episode of Our Lives & Politics, we discuss these tactics and give you specific ways to get involved to make a difference in the coming election. Now is the time. We can’t afford to wait. Precinct Strategy is a website developed by Dan Schultz, and he joins the conversation to share his successes as a GOP committee man. Also, Mike Cargile is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional District 35. His district is where the Chino School District recently pushed back against California state law, and he has strong words and guidance for voters in California 35. Mike Cargile also breaks some news on this program with the child trafficking the Biden Administration conducts with children from the border through his district.

12 09, 2023

The Covid Games

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Will you participate in The Covid Games? Remember, to qualify for a medal you first must get the "JAB!" Where mask mandates and lockdowns are very popular sports. Question I ask you is how far will you let them go this time? Will you comply? Will you bend a knee to this control grab? Will you let them damage your children further by forcing them to wear face diapers? These are all legitimate questions and concerns. It is time to stand up and tell these globalist that we are not accepting this nonsense anymore. Critical thinking, research, and verify are all necessary steps we must all take moving forward. Join me for this short 25 minutes. Hope you enjoy!

10 09, 2023

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Pass or Fail?

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Conservatives behave and act like their job is merely to slow the advance of progressivism, or at least block it from gaining more and more ground. Conservatives have to work to destroy progressive advances on the American constitutional order and replace them with sound political and moral principles.’ Robert Reinsch, Heritage Foundation – February 2023 Achieving this will require building and moving. It requires action. Not a political fight but a greater responsibility of self-governing authority. The Federalist Papers address these things and there we can read how Americans must be a constitutional people. In 1963 the Conservative Affirmation was written by Willmoore Kendall. He was a political scientist and a professor. The book was released again in 2022. At the time of its original release, there were contrast and comparisons made with a progressive ideaology book written by Charles Frankel called The Democratic Prospect. It’s interesting that in the Conservative Affirmation by Kendall he suggests that an authoritative statement of conservatism in the U.S. can be obtained by going back to the intention of the founders written in the Federalist papers. There, it was written, equal treatment of persons before the law with the formation of public policy through deliberations of virtuous agents rather than numerical majorities. Kendall favored Congressional majority as it is more sober and closer to the people. Kendall noticed that Liberals favored Presidential majority to weaken Congress and the power of the people. I’m bringing this up to point out a few things. First, this liberal/conservative argument has been alive and well since the inception of this country. 60 years ago, it was still alive and well. Today? It may feel this is all new, but we’ve been here before. We’ve been here since the beginning 247 years ago. So, the question becomes are the Republican Party, the 118th Congress, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy stopping or slowing down liberalism, or are they helping advance it? On this episode of Our Lives and Politics, Booker Scott measures the pulse of the people in a live Twitter/X Space to get a grade on the first 8 months of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and Kevin McCarthy. What do you think? Have they passed or failed? As Willmoore Kendall wrote 60 years ago, it’s not about stopping or slowing down liberalism it’s about destroying the liberal advances.

6 09, 2023

Jesse Burns A Lula T-shirt

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Join Lou & Jesse as they talk about their vacations. Jesse has a great story of his crazy, but brave, Lula t-shirt burning in Brazil! We also briefly touch on the tragic police shooting of a 21 year old pregnant Ohio woman Ta'Kiya Young and her unborn child. Join us as we kick back and talk about stuff! Plus we're working on the video issues, it's our first try! ;)


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