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31 01, 2024

#48 – Disease X, J6 Pipe Bomb Discovery, The Gestapo Feds

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Lou, Jesse, and Ellis discuss Disease X and how China is actually working on a biological weapon. A bio-weapon that has a kill rate of 100% in humanized mice. We also touch on how Federal agencies are conducting themselves like the Gestapo. And last but not least we talk about the new found information on the J6 pipe bombs.

17 01, 2024

Advocate for Education

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Alex has a background, experience and knowledge of By-laws, Policies and Constitutional Rights has been one of the most beneficial components of her work Advocating for our Children and Parental Rights. Alex is able to look at situations not just from a Parents point of view but also a legislative and educational view.

5 01, 2024

#42 – New Laws In 2024 – Mayorkas Blames Global Migration On Climate Change!

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Lou and Jesse discuss the impact of California Proposition 12 on hog farmers and the potential spike in pork prices. They highlight the challenges faced by farmers in complying with the new law and the financial burden it imposes. The conversation also touches on the speculation surrounding the Epstein flight logs and Alejandro Mayorkas' claim that global migration is in part due to Climate Change.

1 01, 2024

#41 – Illegals Costing Us Billions – Plus Illegal Encounters Break Records

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Lou and Jesse talk about the impact of illegals on our medical system. As well as how the taxpayers will be responsible for this in the future. CBP sources are reporting a record number of illegal encounters at the border for December 2023. Finally, we discuss how our government has failed us and our republic. The debacle at our border is on purpose, make no mistake about it.


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