#86 – Fauci Facing Legal Troubles?

By |June 6th, 2024|Categories: Lou's Views, Podcast Episodes|

Will Dr. Fauci ever face any consequences for is involvement in the Covid mandates? In a recent hearing you would think he was completely innocent of anything nefarious. But, we all know he had a very important role in the harm done to society and our children. Not to mention the deaths that could have been prevented.

#84 – Food Shortages Coming? – Offshore Windmills Harmful?

By |May 29th, 2024|Categories: Lou's Views, Podcast Episodes|

Due to H5N1 "Bird Flu" are food shortages inevitable? With hundreds of thousands of chickens being destroyed in Australia and the United States is it a possibility? Will the government try to force mask mandates, lockdowns? Remember it is an election year, coincidence? I think not! Also, I will cover the two independent studies measuring ocean wind turbine noise and it's effects on sea creatures. We've been told that climate change is the cause, but, is it really? I will also cover other topics trending in the news.

#83 – $7.7B Student Debt Cancelled – Mar-A-Lago Raid (SOP)?

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Can you really cancel debt? Or do you just transfer the responsibility on to the working people, via higher taxes? Do you believe the raid on Mar-A-Lago was (SOP) Standard Operational Procedures? New documents seem to say otherwise. And many experts like Dan Bongino have a few things to say about this raid and how it was conducted. Plus the guys cover illegal alien credentials left behind on the ground, and who they are.


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