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Lou Bozada is a small business owner, family man, and entrepreneur who lives in a small rural town in Missouri. He is a God-fearing man who loves to hunt and travel in his RV. He is also an avid amateur radio operator and a supporter of the 1A and 2A. Lou is a political junkie who leans conservative, follows the news and enjoys debating with friends and family about the issues of the day. He has always been interested in politics and believes that our country is best when it follows the Constitution. He believes in smaller government and personal responsibility. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, hunting, fishing, and camping.

1205, 2023

Farmers Under Attack

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The farming profession is under attack in the Netherlands & the UE, all in the name of Climate Change. Roughly 2 to 3 thousand farmers will be forced out of their family businesses due to this lie. They will be given the choice to accept a buyout or if they refuse they will be forced to cut back their operations by 95%. Now John Kerry is pushing this in America! This climate change lie is to control us by cutting back on food and water. Join us in this episode as Jesse and I discuss this further.

805, 2023

Unarmed People Can Be Deadly

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In this episode, I discuss Jordan Neely a homeless man who was choked to death on a NY subway, and why unarmed people should be considered dangerous. Far too often we assume because a criminal or a mentally ill person is unarmed they shouldn't be considered dangerous. Some like AOC think being mentally ill is a pass and others should not use deadly force because of it. What she seems to forget is that anyone can be extremely dangerous even when they have no weapons like a gun, knife, etc. If someone threatens to do bodily harm against you and gets physically aggressive towards you what should you do? I say defend yourself and your family at all costs. You do not know what they are capable of. Remember the human body "IS" a weapon when used as such. Last but not least. If you conceal carry, take self-defense classes, whichever you decide to do, practice, practice, practice. Always be aware of your surroundings. And train consistently. And KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL!

805, 2023

Poison Runs Through Our Democracy?

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In this episode, Jesse and I talk about the lies Joe Biden puts out on a daily bases. As well as his attack on us by blaming us for the very thing he and his administration are guilty of themselves. He claims poison runs through our Democracy (REPUBLIC). We also talk about 12-year-old Liam Morrison, a 7th grader from Massachusettes who was removed from his school for a t-shirt that said " THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS." We also discuss the illegal alien Francisco Oropesa who shot and killed five people including a 9-year-old in Cleveland, Texas. Is our border truly secured? Sit back, join us and enjoy!

505, 2023

Society: Past the Point of No Return?

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Join Jesse and me in a discussion about the Chicago & Los Angeles teenagers looting, stealing, and destruction of property. What factors are at play here that cause this kind of behavior? We cover family life, parenting, and solutions to prevent this chaotic behavior. We also cover what issues AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as electric vehicles could bring.

405, 2023
  • Is the World Falling Apart?

Is Our World Falling Apart?

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In this episode, Jesse and I talk about how our world as we know it is falling apart. From the Border crisis to the Afghanistan withdrawal. We also touch on the war on parents and the indoctrination & grooming by some in the transgender community plus some parents themselves. Not to mention the Covid-19 plandemic. Where the world governments experimented on how to control the population through lockdowns, mandates, and forced jabs. I talk about the FLCCC Alliance (FRONT LINE COVID-19 CRITICAL CARE ALLIANCE) and their fight to help us all.


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