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2605, 2023
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Blue State Exodus

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As thousands exit states like California and Texas, we must ask whether it is even worth staying and fighting for traditional American values. If some conservatives leave, they have given up and are leaving behind millions that may not be capable of moving. On this quick 20 Minutes of Truth we introduce you to a young conservative still willing and maybe only starting to fight. Caleb Slater is a 26-year-old young Republican running for a seat in the New York Senate. Hear his passion as he gives hope for even the 'Blue States’!

2105, 2023

FBI – Beyond Two-Tier Justice

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What started as a slow news week picked up the pace with the FBI whistle-blowers testifying before the House Subcommittee on Government Weaponization. After the Durham Investigation Report was released earlier, only confirming what most of us have known for years, most of us were deflated. Headlines moved to the testimony of 3 FBI whistle-blowers. Their testimony is beyond proof of a 2-tier justice system in America. Hearing the stories of these brave Americans losing their jobs and homes because they stood for what is right shows an evil side to America's 3 letter agencies. It is beyond two-tier justice, it is downright evil. These men swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and protect the innocent but when they do the right thing by exposing internal corruption, their lives are ruined. There was no protection for these whistle-blowers. Listen to the warning, if the DOJ and FBI will come after their own, they will come after you. In this episode of 'Our Lives & Politics' Booker lets you hear the testimony from these brave Americans, and he also puts the finishing touches on the Durham Report which was the Russian Hoax created by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign in 2016. Plus, hear from Mike Davis, the Article 3 Project president, and former Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee under Chuck Grassley.

1405, 2023

More Bombshell Duds?

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The House Oversight Committee marched out to microphones with explosive bombshell information for the much-anticipated press conference. One by one, different committee members stepped up to the microphone to explain some of what their investigation has revealed in the first one hundred days of the 118th Congress. Unfortunately, none of the mainstream media news outlets had live coverage of the event and even failed to report anything on it since the press conference. The members told a story of massive corruption within the Biden crime family. Their 65-page memo shares bank information showing millions of dollars from foreign nationals flowing into nine different Biden family members’ bank accounts. The bombshell report lands like a dud when one considers the amount of press coverage CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN have given it. Combined all those networks have given the Biden crime family press conference zero seconds of coverage. Watergate is nothing compared to what the Biden crime syndicate has done. On this episode of 'Our Lives & Politics' Booker Scott gives the bombshell information full exposure to the work of the Oversight Committee. The evidence of the memo will be revealed when audio from the press conference is played. You can listen and decide for yourself. Plus, a very disturbing story is developing in Plainview, Tx. It is alleged that a 6-year-old girl was forced into a sex act in a classroom while the teacher was there. The family seeks answers from an unwilling and stonewalling Plainview ISD. Booker will be joined by the family spokesperson for the 6-year-old girl, Heather Gonzalez. We will share what is known and alleged and what the family wants.

905, 2023

Hidden In Plainview

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#Hidden In Plainview: Forced Sex Act by a 6-year-old in school. Texas Parents Protest After 1st Graders Allegedly Forced Girl, 6, to Perform Sex Act, Recorded It on District Issued iPad. The young girl's older cousin said the family became aware of the incident after noticing a change in her behavior. Listen in on this interview as Booker tries to find out more about what transpired.

805, 2023

Another Biden Crime?

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The headlines change from day to day, minute to minute. We are never away from the constant stream of information that flows through the device we hold in our hands. The news cycle moves incredibly fast and with every big breaking story today false hope comes and goes. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) revealed this week that a whistle-blower has information about Joe Biden misconduct. According to this whistle-blower, Joe Biden has committed a crime with a foreign national. Congressman James Comer (R-Kentucky) has now sent the DOJ and FBI a letter compelling them to produce the evidence. It sounds like a huge story, at a different time in American history it would consume the news and all of us and we would watch it all unfold. Oddly enough, or not, little has been reported on the alleged crime committed by Biden. Well, it was a few days ago, who can remember back then? In this episode of 'Our Lives & Politics' Booker welcomes South Florida attorney and conservative social media influencer Eric Matheny. Together they discuss the impact of this whistle-blower and what type of outcome to expect. Plus, we hear from you as we enter a Twitter Space to get the pulse of the people. What is your opinion on the latest scandal to come and go?

105, 2023

The 21st Century Societal Failure

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Children are growing, maturing people, dependent upon their elders for moral, spiritual, ethical, and practical guidance. They are not something to be shaped, fabricated, or spent in the manufacturing, production, or political process. Children are not the resource of either the nation or parents. Children are individualistic souls with the ability to exercise their own free will. In formative years, when they are subjected to the wisdom, or lack thereof, of parents and others, their judgment will reflect immaturity. Arizona reporter Earl Zarbin wrote that over 27 years ago, so there is some evidence the debate over raising children has been around for a while. Mr. Zarbin was born in 1929 and is still living, I wonder what Mr. Zarbin thinks of how we are treating these individualistic souls in this 21st century. This week, a whistle-blower emerged from the Department of Health and Human Services to testify in Congress. Her testimony revealed our government’s complete failure in protecting the migrant children being trafficked across the Mexican border. Tara Rodus calls the United States the 'middleman' in this large-scale scheme for cartels to make billions at the expense of these individualistic souls. 85,000 migrant children are missing. How does that happen? 345,000 migrant children have entered the country unaccompanied by an adult in the last two years. On this episode of Our Lives & Politics Booker dives into the hearing and looks at various state laws that are being passed and considered to protect parents’ rights. Today, another twenty-two veterans committed suicide and another 40,000-70,000 homeless veterans will sleep under a bridge tonight. LibertyOVE.org founder Michael Murphy joins the conversation. As a retired Marine and combat veteran Michael has faced the PTSD demons and he shares his story and vision to help America's warriors. This 21st-century American society is not doing a particularly decent job of protecting and nurturing the future. We may be doing even worse caring for those willing to give it all for our liberty and freedom.

2304, 2023

Mayorkas’ Seat is Hot

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Senate and House investigative hearings are creating heat for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. These hearings continue to reveal the complete and utter failure of the Biden Administrations’ actions at the Mexican border. The human crisis at the border is claiming lives every day. Over 120,000 Americans have died due to fentanyl overdoses, the illegal drug produced in China and trafficked through Mexico. Over 1,400 migrants have died trying to enter the country. Sadly, over 345,000 underage children have crossed the border unaccompanied. Alejandro Mayorkas has broken laws, he has lied under oath. Why have Republicans, under Speaker Kevin McCarthy, not started the impeachment process? Booker gets into the hearings and provides the audio evidence to back the claims of Mayorkas' malfeasance and lawbreaking. The Republicans in the House need to stoke the fire under Mayorkas' seat. Jim Jordan took the House Judiciary Committee on the road. The field trip was a hearing with victims of violent crime in New York City. The Democrats claim it is politics and Donald Trump's fault and the Republicans blame Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and George Soros. Booker breaks it down for you. American Patriot Jason Fyk joins the conversation to speak on Section 230 and the Restrict Act. Fyk has sued the U.S. government and one of his cases went all the way to the Supreme Court. Should Section 230 be abolished? We discuss on this episode of 'Our Lives & Politics.'

1704, 2023

Soros: The Man Behind the Curtain

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As we watch a woke society spread to every corner of our great country, it's natural to look for a culprit.  For many of us, we need to blame one person or entity. After all, there must be a reason a trans woman was placed on a Bud Light can, making the once great King of Beers a queen. The name George Soros is frequently tossed around. Whether it was no cash bail after the BLM George Floyd riots, stacks of bricks placed for a riot in a city near you, or Socialism marching into America, many times Soros gets the blame. Is it really Soros?  On this episode, Booker Scott has an in-depth conversation with New York Times best-selling author and The Dan Bongino Report Content Director, Matt Palumbo. Matt literally wrote the book 'The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros. Matt shares his expertise to give us a peak behind that curtain. How far-reaching are Soros' tentacles? Soros has backed progressive political candidates across the country for years, changing the landscape for freedom, liberty, and justice. We hear how and why he does it on Our Lives & Politics. Over 450,000 children go missing every year in America and many end up in the sex trafficking business.  Some estimates have the American sex trafficking business a $50 billion a year industry. One former Navy Seal and Air Marshall decided to fight this ever-growing problem. Booker is joined by Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer to discuss the industry that is devastating so many children and families. Craig started Vet4ChildRescue.Org to bring awareness to the problem and share the things he sees with you.

1004, 2023

The Uniparty Is Driving America Over The Cliff

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The political persecution of Donald Trump continues with the indictment by rogue local New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The FBI has raided the homes of people that have prayed at abortion clinics and shackled political foes for lying before Congress. As the Democrats drive the country over the cliff at 90 miles per hour and the Republicans only tap the brakes heading over the same cliff at 60 miles per hour. Either way, the destination is the same as a crash landing for the United States of America. The games the Uniparty are playing serve no benefit for the people. Is there any hope for the country? On this episode, Booker is joined by author and former editorial writer for the Washington Times, Cort Kirkwood. Cort is always opinionated and shares his thoughts and insights on the Trump prosecution, Mayorkis impeachment, communism for America, and more. Read Cort Kirkwood's work at American-Remnant.com

304, 2023

What about the kids?

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The 'Parents Bill of Rights' or HR-5 recently passed through in the U.S. House of Representatives and it now heads to the Senate and possibly Joe Biden's desk. The simple bill presents 5 key components to protect our children and to force the government into transparency. Most likely HR-5 will be dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate, but what about the kids? Do parents have the right to know what their children are learning? Should we know about how the government spends our money on our kids? To some Republicans and all Democrats in the House, they chose to vote against this simple bill for parental rights. In this episode, Booker listens to both sides of the argument from Republicans and Democrats. He also looks at the Covenant School shooting in Nashville when he checks the people's pulse of the people as we look for solutions to protect our children in America.


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