A lot can happen in a week, can’t it? We went from the sky is falling government shutdown, to a historic removal of the Speaker of the House. And that was all in just five days.

Now politicians on the right and the left have created the next. sky is falling moment in national politics. There is no Speaker of the House. It appears, in almost a coordinated effort that Matt Gaetz and 7 other Republicans are being blamed for all of it. That’s an interesting take, but one that I believe removes responsibility from an institution that has damaged itself all by years of out-of-control spending and no government accountability.

The problems in the U.S. House of Representatives did not start with Matt Gaetz and the 7 who voted with him to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. The U.S. House of Representatives’ failures have been years in the making.

Booker Scott brings some highlights of the past week and there were many. We hear highlights from the government shutdown to the motion to vacate and an interesting press conference that may have revealed the Democrat and Republican ’24 election strategy.

A three-month investigation by Newsweek and a revealing article about the FBI targeting Donald Trump supporters during the ’24 presidential campaign has many people concerned. How does the Democrat ’24 strategy work in coordination with what this Newsweek article reveals about targeting these supporters?

Also, Elizabeth Helgelien (R-NV) is running for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, and she joins the conversation to share perspective and ideas for putting the U.S. House of Representatives on track to actually solve issues.

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