It is with a heavy heart and tears that I write this as we say “farewell,” to a dearly beloved friend. I had met TB in a moment of crisis and her compassion in that moment formed a deep friendship. Together we would talk for hours on the phone during our commutes; when one of us was lonely; or the other needed a rock to which to cling. But even after all of this time she and I spent together, what can I say? I’ve had enough time to write a book about the way she acts and looks, but I haven’t got a paragraph when it comes to saying “goodbye,” for how does one fit in the magnificence of TB into a few short paragraphs? I cannot. There is far too much in her story and the makeup of the heart and mind of TB. She was many things but above all she was a friend, a person, a mother, and a patriot.

Lucky for those of us who are as sentimental as TB, we have this clip of her gentle but mighty voice so that when we miss her, we may hear the iconic voice that has been a cornerstone of our niche of the internet since its inception. Although soft of voice and tiny of body, she had the voice of an angel and the heart of a fearless lioness.

TB was truly a person. A caring and compassionate person that was a true friend to many. That gentle voice of hers could reach into the darkest depths and pull a soul out of the deepest void. She had done that for many and this is why she has left an army of mourners. She was far more than a screen name but a true person and who she was to our community is who she truly was in reality. If one had the pleasure to sit across from her with a cup of coffee and have a conversation, she’d be no different on reality than on a digital platform because she was a true person.

With endless praise, TB spoke of her daughter and two sons, as well as her dog Dame, because she was a mama. A day couldn’t pass where she didn’t celebrate the three warriors she brought into this world; raised them in it; guided them through it; and saw the seeds she had planted grow into beautiful fruition. Above all else, she loved her children and she wasn’t afraid to let anyone know who these three mighty children are or her endless love for them. But her love didn’t stop at just her own children, for TB loved all of the children of the world. Insomuch that she left a high-paying job and began her career anew out of principle. So strong was her conviction on her love for children that she stood against those that did not have children’s best interest at heart. It was “a hill she was willing to die on,” because she was a mama to not just three, and a lovely dog, but to all because she believed.

Being a fighter to her core, she also stood with us in battle-after-battle in the fight for our nation because she was a patriot. She loved the United States of America and believed in its principles, its ideas, and seeing the US in its state, she took up the fight with us, her loved ones and friends. She did this because she was a person, our person, and a mother to many, and a true patriot.

This is just a small glimpse into the beautiful heart and mind that is TB. As I said, I could write a book about the way she acts and looks, and still I do not have a paragraph. I could also write a symphony for her and only finish half because I’d lose the melody. Or, write for her a speech about her love that touched each of us, but stumbling I would probably make her gentle voice giggle. I could never finish these things because her story will go on through those that loved her because she is a person, a mama, and a patriot.

Farewell for now, TB. We shall miss you until we see you again and we can listen to that small and gentle, yet, powerful and mighty voice.


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