On election night, Nov 3, 2020, many went to sleep with Donald Trump leading over Joe Biden, but the next morning everything had changed. The questions started and were suppressed; now, two years later, questions linger. The events of that night cascaded into a series of events, like Jan 6th, that continues today.

Through all of the turmoil, there have been few voices that tell an alternative story to that today on mainstream media, big tech, and what is allowed on social media. Julie Kelly is a Sr Editor/Writer with American Greatness. A frequent guest of Tucker Carlson and others on Fox News, News Nation, and NewsMax. She has told the story of those locked in the DC gulags for involvement in the Jan 6 protests.

In this conversation on Our Lives and Politics, we learn more about Julie Kelly on a personal level. She shares her thoughts on how and if the newly elected Republican Congress can stop the political persecution.

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