By Mike Engleman on Dec 21, 2022

In 2020, during a presidential campaign and a “pandemic”, Democrats endorsed, justified and even sponsored Antifa/BLM domestic terrorist thug riots as they were burning down cities across America.  This resulted in billions of dollars in damage and a total loss of business properties.  Many people were murdered, including law enforcement.  The ridiculous “summer of love” was called justice by Democrats as they were cheering it on with the media.  VP candidate Kamala Harris was supporting bail for rioters as most had their court cases dropped, with zero charges.

Fast forward to the stolen election in November 2020.  President Trump encouraged his supporters to come to Washington DC January 6th to peacefully protest the election results.  Enter the FBI, Ray Epps, Nancy Pelosi, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Capitol Hill police.  It was the perfect storm of entrapment, setup and framing of Trump supporters for a fake insurrection.  Democrats, the media and Never Trumpers called it an “assault on democracy, an attempt to overthrow the government and election results”.  Biggest bunch of BS ever!

If J6 was a real insurrection, millions of people would still be there, in a real occupation, not some imaginary illusion created by Nancy Pelosi and the FBI.

For decades, the FBI has been an out of control, renegade criminal operation.  Until there are enough people in the DC sewer with the balls to defund and disband it, it’s a pipe dream.  Currently, we do not have anyone nor is there anyone on the horizon.  Even if there were, they are probably bought and paid for.  With the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, his release of the Twitter files has proven just how evil and corrupt the FBI is and has been for quite some time.  Millions of dollars have been paid to suppress truth and free speech.  The big question, who’s ordering this suppression?  Who’s been behind it all?  It probably encompasses the entire intelligence community, but the leader calling the shots is who we need to know.  Until then, nothing gets fixed.

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