Rocking abdominal muscles and looking sharp like 007 or Lebron James and all of the greatest athletes of today and throughout the ages, having notable abdominals is among one stand-out feature. And you have them as well. You have worked out hard for months and done thousands of crunches and planks to try to achieve this look I hope you got somewhere because many guys don’t. It’s not as much of a training issue as it is a diet issue.

Before I tell you the diet that will get you there along with many benefits, let us discuss consumption. Consumption is emotional as it is required for life.  Most of the time we eat since birth from an emotional standpoint and much less for real sustenance. When we are screaming unreasonable babies we get comforted with food to allow our parents to be able to go through the day. While this is fine for them at some point this needs to be called out and addressed. We have dependency issues all of us from just being around our parents. It’s not their fault it’s not our own it just is and has to be sorted or we will be easy prey for other dependencies and behaviors to form as life goes on.

Discovering how little we need to sustain all our life-giving functions is life changing.

The daily recommended calorie intake is 2000. I am willing to bet you have eaten more than that daily on the average American diet since the time you started feeding yourself. Completely unaware of how much is too much and never giving a thought to a little goes much further than you think.

*You should not fast if you have had a history of an eating disorder.

Fasting focused lifestyle is my proposition to you.

Fasting has been at the center of the world’s major and minor religious practices since the beginning of time. It is even said that during a fast the intuitions voice, your knowledge of right and wrong is enhanced. When you fall on hard times, if you get sick, if you are traveling or have big decisions these times have been known to be great times to fast a day.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine central advice for problems with mental, physical and emotional that were too fast a day, if not resolved go for another. It’s no wonder the majority of the united states are obese it really makes sense when we have made great strides in making food so easily accessible. But it needs more caution about when it is acceptable, and when food is using you.

Most men out there would never consciously admit to being emotional eaters because to them it is just being hungry but eating poor quality food and not knowing good food from bad is among a problem of emotional eating. If we had to prepare all our meals we would know more about what to eat and what not. Since that isn’t part of our daily rupture we typically think fast food is real food, and that eating on the go is perfectly normal. Food is known to be sacred and your gut is known to be a driving force in the quality of your mood and mind. It is in the phrase we say all the time when faced with a big decision ‘’Trust Your Gut’’

The proper way to eat and to make a fasting-focused lifestyle as easy as possible is to only eat with others. Meal time should be a sacred practice and if not with loved ones delay until that time can happen. The benefits are many and we will outline them now. By delaying food intake you will be hacking your system to use stored energy as fuel. The keto diet is unless, without the fasting, portion added to it.

Guys are first in line to hit the gym over learning and commit to dieting principles. Many bodybuilders use fasting as a way to ingest more calories to build more muscle rather than having low-density foods like the average gym goer. Dieting is difficult because it is the moment-to-moment discipline that makes it a challenge. What I am laying out for you here will allow you to lose a substantial amount of fat and build muscle no matter how your past with training has gone.

High-density food is what you see typically prepared and ketogenic meals eggs at breakfast meat and veggies at meal time. For drinks black coffee, tea, and water. Don’t drink alcohol unless pre-planned and keep it only for an occasion and skip beer to save yourself the carbohydrates.

High-density food is all we actually need real nutrition is meat and vegetables and we are designed to go for long periods of time without eating unlike many trash health food and protein powder companies would have you believe so they can sell their stuff to us more easily. They used to say 3 meals a day or food every 3-4 hours. I followed this because this is what I also grew up with and I am a new man because I have over four years been adjusting at different times of the year to living a fasting-focused lifestyle. The more I do the better I get and I have been doing this heavily for the past few months up to the writing of this book.

Delaying eating and feeling hunger exposes your shadow and your neediness this also helps our motivation as hunger is very motivating. Who does not want to be more motivated? It all gets shut off every time we eat. Just to taste something.

Fasting reaches into our deep freezer and digests stored calories in body fat as fuel. If we don’t stop eating every once in a while we never use it no matter how often we work out.

‘’You can’t out-train a poor diet’’

Not knowing how many calories you really need is the beginning of a poor diet even if it is good food. Any duration of fasting is a good thing. If you have hesitation to this it is normal and natural and everyone goes through it until you plan and read enough to attempt it, and when you do I do not think you will soon forget this superpower you have. There is no supplement out there that can do what your own body will do if you give it space to be.

Preparing for a fast for a day eat all high-density foods meat and veggies all low glycemic and keep blood sugar insulin low. When you are aware of that you will now know how to go into extended periods of time without being dependent on eating for energy and knowing your body is stable and ready

When our body is in action our blood moves to our extremities so we move smoother and our blood is rich in adrenaline which keeps us ready to work because work means the possibility of food. adrenaline is associated with Happiness and euphoria. Conduct your fast on a day you can lay down if you need and don’t schedule a hard gym session before or immediately ending your fast. If you know your limits you are actually limitless because you know how to appropriately push them.

30 mins of a walk around the block will help to get your mind off food and will help tap into stored energy. Keep activity minimal early on as you have to learn how to push yourself.

Your mood will be stable and calm drink black coffee tea and water and plan to have steamed veggies, steak, and eggs to break your fast for dinner.

Every night of our lives whether you like the idea of fasting or not you fast while you are sleeping. In that  7- 8 hour period of time, this is the time our body gets to break down what we fed it. Fasting allows us to see the available energy we normally dedicate to digesting food, it will help you with your social awareness and attainment of goals because your mind becomes more focused when not affected by food slowing us down. With all digestion, it should be timed around when we can afford to be slow. An effective way to remember it is…

“Rest and digest”

Your six-pack will be right around the corner I know so because I lost 15 lbs. in one month adding what I have described and through this process, I have my first noticeable six-pack abs in my life all in one month’s time.

If you are trying to put yourself together, keep going as doing so will be the best path forward and almost justifies the unnecessary suffering and sacrifices you will have to do anyway. Thank you for reading.